System benefits
• Prefabricated leave-in-place screed rail which enables the easy installation of Superfl at screeds.
• Manufactured from galvanised high strength steel, suitable for internal and external use.
• Light, strong and straight, manufactured within + or – 1 mm/m tolerance.
• Tie bars, service cables, or heating pipes, can be fitted through the apertures in the rails.
• Plastic TOP EXTENDER can be fi tted to the top edge of the rail to provide smooth non-abrasive running face for any screeding mechanism.
• Provides a full strength perpendicular face to the edge of the slab in full depth without voids or cavities.

UNIRAIL is a cost effi cient screed rail system produced by precision forming from high strength steel, providing excellent dimensional tolerances and stability during screeding operation. The system ensures straightness and fl atness tolerances of screeds with depths from 40 mm to 120 mm.
It is a versatile fast track installation system, which consists of the basic UNIRAIL 40-60 screed rail, but by adding installation feet to the UNIRAIL 40-60, the UNIRAIL 70-120 can be created. Using this version the depth of the screed can be continuously adjusted up to 120 mm. With the simple addition of a plastic top cap, a stable base can be provided for running screeding mechanisms along.

Product Properties

A screed is a well compacted cementitious top layer often modifi ed with a powder or liquid polymer (Modifi ed Polymer Screed), installed on top of a slab or base.
UNIRAIL provides a guide for the screeding mechanism being used to install the screed. Screeding mechanisms range from a manually operated straight edge, to vibrating screed machines and striker tubes. The UNIRAIL permit the accurate passage of the screeding mechanism along their length, and the screed material placed between the rails is accurately levelled off to the correct height and flatness.

UNIRAIL screed rails can be used for the following screed applications:
1. To increase the height of the floor slab.
2. To improve the flatness and level tolerance of the floor slab.
3. To provide a finish layer to an otherwise unacceptable slab surface, also suitable for diamond grinding screed
to expose the aggregates contained within.
4. To install a specialised wearing or high abrasion top layer to the floor.
5. Ideal for use on concrete and metal composite concrete floors.
6. Suitable for construction of floors with under floor heating pipe systems and other services.
7. Can be used for construction of falls to drains.


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