We can source and supply many different types of weeps vents in various colours.

Timloc 1143

Wall weep vents – Product 1143 A cavity wall weep/vent specifically intended for use with standard brick,block or stone external walls of thickness between 100-102.5mm.

RYTWEEP – Rytons Rytweep

  • An unobtrusive cavity weep hole duct.
  • Virtually unseen when installed; showing only the small weep outlet
  • Simple design allows quick and easy fitting with no special brickwork required.
  • Flush face maintains the aesthetic appearance of the building.
  • Lugs aid mortar adhesion for efficient installation.
  • BBA approved – your independent assurance that the product meets building regulations and standards and will last.
  • Compatible with Rytons Rytweep® Tube (RYTWTUBE) for use in blockwork or to allow for rendering.
  • To protect the outlet from blockage during rendering or water penetration during flooding use Rytons DamRyt® Rytweep® Protector(DAMWEEP).

Timloc Tunnel Weeps TW1

Any situation where water must be discharged from an external wall, e.g:
At ground floor slab level
Within cavity tray systems
Over external lintels
Where a cavity must be ventilated
On external walls – 100mm or more in thickness – built from brick, block or stone.

Type ‘W’ Weep Vents


  • Standard size 105/115mm x 65mm x 10mm plus lockfit wedges.
  • Standard Type W provides 320mm2 free air space.
  • BS polypropylene.
  • Available in grey, black, beige, brown, terracotta, white and clear.


We also supply Rytons Multifix Airbrick and we Stock Timloc 1201 airbricks



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