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The ARC Rockfibre Insulated DPC has been developed to close off cavities around
window and door openings where a fire rating is required. The closer should be
fitted in conjunction with a return block, and features an integrated DPC to prevent
moisture penetration. As well as excellent fire properties, the ARC Rockfibre
Insulated DPC will also help to prevent cold bridging around openings.

Installation – ARC Rockfibre Insulated DPCs are easy to install as the brickwork progresses before the window or door has been installed, with the DPC sitting against the outer brickwork to prevent moisture penetration. When joining it is recommended the DPC should be fully lapped by at least 100mm with the insulation tightly butted to ensure no breaks are present.

Fire Properties – ARC Rockfibre Insulated DPCs are manufactured using rockfibre mineral wool which achieves a fire classification of Euroclass A1 as defined in BS EN 13501-1. Fire testing was carried out at Warrington Fire Research achieving up to 4 hours fire integrity. The Insulated DPCs are tested to BS 476: Part 20: 1987 and BSEN 1366-4: 2006, using the test method stated EGOLF TC2 N421 (Fire Resistance for Cavity Barriers). Warrington Fire Research certificate number: 189654

Thermal Properties –  ARC’s rockfibre mineral wool insulation has a thermal conductivity of 0.037W/mK.


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