ARC Fire Stop Slab

Cavity fire barrier for masonry construction

Key Features

  • Up to 2 hours fire integrity
  • Foil Faced to provide a smoke barrier
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical applications
  • cut to size on site or factory finished
  • Available to suit cavity widths up to 300mm

ARC Fire Stop Slab provides up to two hours fire integrity horizontally or vertically within
external masonry walls, ideal for use at separating floor levels. Manufactured from
rockfibre mineral wool insulation with a class ‘O’ reinforced aluminium foil facing to both
sides offering excellent resistance to smoke.

The ARC Fixing Spike is fitted to the external surface of the inner leaf. The ARC Fire Stop
Slab is then impaled onto the spike. A compression fit is not essential but it is required
to have a snug fit within the cavity space, factory finished sizes are supplied with a 5mm
compression fit. Any site inaccuracies or deflection need to be sealed with a suitable
intumescent sealer.

Fire Properties
ARC Fire Stop Slab has been fire tested at Warrington Fire Research, achieving up to two
hours fire integrity with traditional masonry brick and block construction. Tests were
carried out in accordance with BS476 Pt 20 1987, BS EN 1366-4 2006 using test method
EGOLF TC2 N421 (Fire Research for Cavity Barrier).
Certifire scope: CF5402

ARC Fire Stop Slab is manufactured using rockfibre mineral wool which achieves a fire
classification of Euroclass A1 as defined in BS EN 13501-1, and conforms to BS EN 13162 and
EN16001 Energy Management Systems.
ARC’s rockfibre mineral wool insulation has a thermal conductivity of 0.035W/mK.

Storage and Packaging
ARC Fire Stop Slabs are supplied in polythene packs which
are designed for transporting and protecting the products.
It is not recommended that the packs are stored in direct
sunlight. When storing the barriers for longer periods of
time it is recommended that the product should be stored
indoors, or under cover.

> Click here ARC Fire Stop Slab Datasheet <



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