RYTWEEP – Rytons Rytweep (Cavity Weep)

  • Virtually unseen when installed; showing only the small weep outlet.
  • Simple design allows quick and easy fitting with no special brickwork required.
  • Flush face maintains the aesthetic appearance of the building.
  • Lugs aid mortar adhesion for efficient installation.
  • BBA approved – your independent assurance that the product meets building regulations and standards and will last.
  • To protect the outlet from blockage during rendering or water penetration during flooding use Rytons DamRyt® Rytweep® Protector (code: DAMWEEP).

Colours: Black, terracotta, buff/sand, grey, clear.

Size: 101mm (L) x 66mm (H) x 10mm (W).

Composition: High impact polystyrene.

Product ref:
– Rytons Rytweep® Black (ref RYTWEBL to BBA 11/4866)
– Rytons Rytweep® Terracotta (ref RYTWETC to BBA 11/4866)
– Rytons Rytweep® Buff/Sand (ref RYTWEBS to BBA 11/4866)
– Rytons Rytweep® Grey (ref RYTWEGR to BBA 11/4866)
– Rytons Rytweep® Clear (ref RYTWECL to BBA 11/4866)

Installation is fast and easy as work proceeds with a Rytweep® replacing
the vertical mortar joint. Position the bottom of Rytweep® on the mortar bed
against the brick/block. Ensure tapered end with circular outlet is facing the
outside and is flush with the external face. Postion the next brick alongside
the installed Rytweep® and mortar in until only the small weep outlet is
visible (ensuring the outlet does become blocked). Space every fourth brick
to drain cavities above and below the dpc, and above lintels and cavity
trays. At least two weep holes should be provided over an opening, ie lintel.

Is the Rytweep® suitable for exposed areas and wind
driven rain?
Yes, but you may also wish to consider Rytons Weep Hole
Duct (WHD) which has a profiled front face.

Please click here to view Rytweep Datasheet


Supplied in boxes of 200’s

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