Arc Eco-Closer Plus

Fire rated cavity closer for window and door reveals.

Key Features

»»Up to one hour fire integrity
»» Closes cavity around window and door reveals in larger cavities up to 300mm
»» Prevents cold bridging
»» Helps eliminate moisture, mould and staining from around windows and doors
»» Insulated with foil faced noncombustible rockfibre
»» For cavity widths from up to 300mm


ARC Eco-Closer Plus closes wider cavities around window and door openings in masonry
walls, providing up to one hour fire integrity. The rigid PVCu profile is insulated with foil
faced non-combustible rockfibre mineral wool which provides fire, thermal and acoustic

Fire properties

ARC Eco-Closer Plus has been fire tested at Warrington Fire Research, achieving up to
one hour fire integrity with traditional masonry brick and block construction. These tests
comply with BS 476: Part 20: 1987
Certifire scope: CF5410


ARC Eco-Closer Plus is insulated with rockfibre mineral wool which conforms to the BS EN
13162: 2001 Thermal Insulation Products for Buildings, Factory Made Mineral Wool Products
specification, and has a thermal conductivity of 0.035W/mK.

Storage and Packaging

ARC Eco-Closers are supplied in branded polythene packs which offer protection during
transport as well as providing ease of identification on-site.


ARC Eco-Closer Plus is easily installed. Cut the jamb profile to the height of the window or door opening plus 75mm to allow the bottom edges to drop
into the cavity below the sill. Once the jamb sections are installed, measure the required width for the sill section and cut a length to butt tightly to the
jamb sections.
ARC Fixing Brackets should be used to mechanically fix Eco-Closer Plus to the inner blockwork, while ARC Brick Ties are then used to build the closer
in as the externa brickwork progresses. We recommend a minimum of 2 of each is used per metre, or piece, whichever is shorter.
If a longer length than 2.4m is required, the profile complete with insulation should carefully be cut using a hand saw.
Lengths can then be tightly butted together, with care being taken to ensure no gaps remain.


No CFCs or HCFCs are involved in the manufacturing process of ARC’s rockfibre mineral wool insulation. The material
presents no known threat to the environment and is classed as ODP and GWP zero.
ARC Eco-Closers have a Green Guide rating of A+.

Standard dimensions

Product Code        Suitable for Cavity Width                           Dimensions
EC175PLUS                   175mm                                                 175 x 2400mm
EC200PLUS                  200mm                                               200 x 2400mm
EC225PLUS                   225mm                                               225 x 2400mm
EC250PLUS                   250mm                                               250 x 2400mm
EC275PLUS                   275mm                                                275 x 2400mm
E300PLUS                     300mm                                               300 x 2400mm




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