ARC Party Wall DPC

ARC Party Wall DPC enables the closing of an external cavity at either party wall or party
floor junctions where building regulations require the use of a mineral wool closer for
acoustic insulation purposes.

ARC Party Wall DPC is designed to be friction fitted at the party wall junction within a
masonry cavity as the brick and block work progresses, no mechanical fixing is required.
The DPC goes against the inner side of the external brickwork, while care should be taken
butt joints are tighly fitted with no gaps remaining. The barrier must fully fill the cavity
from brick to block, with any cavity insulation cut back.


Up to 4 hours fire integrity
Suitable for cavities up to 300mm
Complies to Robust Detail, Part E and NHBC standards
Designed to be fitted as brickwork progresses
Also available for horizontal applications
Designed to be friction fitted
Excellent acoustic properties

Click here to view ARC Party Wall DPC Datasheet

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