Visqueen Axiom Shield LAC

Product Information

■ New liquid technology giving superior performance
■ Water vapour barrier
■ Quick & easy to apply; fast installation
■ Excellent coverage rates


Visqueen Axiom Shield is an easy to use, high performance cold applied
liquid membrane which rapidly dries to form a damp proof membrane. The
product is manufactured using Visqueen’s i-liquid technology which allows
faster drying times, easier application and superior performance.

Product Packaging

The product is supplied and ready to use 5 kilo tins and packed 4 in a box


The product is specially formulated for damp proofing ground floors
and behind cladding applications. Please consult Visqueen Technical
department if using on below ground applications. Visqueen Shield may
also be applied to the internal face of external walls above ground level to
prevent the penetration of moisture. Visqueen Shield can be used on the
following surfaces:
■ Concrete
■ Brickwork
■ Metal
■ Timber

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean, smooth and free from dust, or loose material.
Standing water must not be present although Visqueen Shield can be
applied on slightly damp surfaces. Any surface contamination e.g. oil,
paint, snots, fungal growth, etc must be removed. Fill surface irregularities
with surface filler such as 3:1 mortar mix.
All substrate cracks must be repaired and filled prior to product
Application temperature should be above 5ºC although the product has
been proved to work at 0ºC.
Gloves and suitable PPE should be worn prior to application.


After opening Visqueen Shield requires agitating and should be stirred
well before use.The liquid can be applied from the tin using a stiff brush or
transferred to another suitable container. Once the 1st coating has been
applied please ensure the surface is touch dry before applying the second.
Indicative drying times are on the test results table below.
Recommended coverage rates:
Metal surfaces:
■ 1st coat 2.5 m2/ kg (12.5 m2 per tin)
■ 2nd coat 2.5 m2/ kg (12.5 m2 per tin)
All other surfaces:
■ 1st coat 1.5 m2/ kg (7.5 m2 per tin)
■ 2nd coat 2.5 m2/ kg (12.5 m2 per tin)
With water whilst still wet or with white spirit if dry.
Caution – helpful advice
The membrane will require covering within 28 days to protect from UV.
Do not pour the material onto the surface Good ventilation is required to
allow proper curing.

Visqueen’s new range consists of:
Visqueen Axiom Shield – a high performance liquid DPM
Visqueen Axiom Guard – a one component liquid waterproofing membrane
Visqueen Axiom Guard Primer – primes and seals porous surfaces prior to use of Visqueen Axiom Guard membrane
Visqueen Axiom UniSeal – the ultimate high performance product for detailing and waterproofing
Visqueen Axiom CreteSeal – a one component concrete expansion joint sealant for Axiom Guard system


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